Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order products:
Because our product range is designed for professional use RM Wood Floor Specialties only sells to industry professionals. You can order on line with our website order form, by email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), text or phone (250-588-8016).

How do I order products online:
You need to be a flooring professional and contact us. We will give you log in information so you can view pricing and order on line.

What if I am new to flooring:
If you are new to the flooring industry do not be concerned we will be happy to work with you and help you get a strong start with extensive technical support.

Why buy your products:
We believe in our products performance because we have used all the competitors and know how they stack up. Our products perform better, are priced competitively, and are supported by the best technical team on Vancouver Island. We do not “sell” flooring products we use them and have used them for thousands of square feet.

Tell me about the free delivery program:
All orders over $100, will be delivered free of charge within our delivery area. Smaller orders and rush orders may require a modest delivery charge.

What are the delivery times/schedules:
Orders are first come first serve. For delivery in the Greater Victoria area orders placed by 9:00 am will be delivered by noon the same day. Orders placed by 1:00 will be delivered before 5:00 the same day. If you miss our cut off but need items sooner we will do our best to get you what you need including arranging to meet you on the road or at our shop.

Can I pick up the products at your shop:
Yes, you can pick up at the shop at B12-555 Ardersier Road, Victoria, BC, within our store hours or by appointment , but why would you want to when we can do the leg work for you!

Is there a minimum order for free delivery:
Yes, we deliver in the greater Victoria area for free with $100 minimum order. For smaller or emergency orders and areas outside of Victoria contact us by phone or email.  Shipping costs will range within Canada.

What happens if I have a product issue:
We will use or technical expertise to find a cause and come to a resolution.

Can I return or exchange products:
Yes, on most items on a per item basis as some items are not freeze/thaw or environmentally stable

How can I pay:
You can by credit card, cheque, cash or e-transfer.