Wakol TS 170 Sound Dampening Cork


Natural cork sheet for sound proofing of residential and commercial buildings underneath wood flooring. The symmetrically placed cut outs are designed to receive WAKOL MS 265 Wood Flooring Adhesive, flexible for sound proofing and glue down installation of wood flooring in one simple step.

• strip and plank flooring between 2 and 8 inches wide with T&G and minimum of 3 feet inlength

• engineered wood flooring with minimum of 3 ft. in length

• engineered cork flooring with HDF/MDF carrier

Special Features:

• direct bond between wood flooring and subfloor

• suitable for chair casters

• glue down and sound proofing in one step

• light weight and low structural height

• can be used directly on WAKOL PU 280 Moisture Barrie

r• approved for radiant heated floors

• excellent sound protection

***SPECIAL ORDER ONLY*** call for pricing and technical advice, allow 2-3 weeks for delivery

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