Lignomat Versatech V2-KM kit

Ligno-VersaTec combines accurate and dependable buffermeasuring technologies of Lignomat’s pin, pinless and RH meters. Everybody needing a versatile, accurate meter will appreciate the multiple functions and the reliability of the Ligno-VersaTec.

With the Ligno-VersaTec you can choose the right measuring mode and the right accessories for the job on hand. It could be tracking moisture problems with a pin electrode or measuring humidity in a crawl space.

Floor installers can check a cupped floor using the dual-depth pinless mode. Pinless Search and Compare Mode is used when tracking moisture problems in walls, ceilings and floors. Lumber Processing Mills use the meter to make sure QC requirements are followed.

Pin and pinless side by side:  Large areas can be scanned fast and easy. Selectable measuring depth 1/4″ or 3/4″ allows for comparing moisture close to the surface and deeper down. Once a problem is detected, pin electrodes can be used for further investigations.

RH mode: Add RH BluePeg humidity probe to the Ligno-VersaTec and you have a precision thermo-hygrometer for RH, T, GPP, DPT. Add RH concrete accessories to perform in-situ moisture tests in concrete. RH BluePeg system complies with latest ASTM F-2170 standard.