Ligno-scanner SDM Moisture meter

Why choose a Scanner from Lignomat: Lignomat’s unique measuring technology assures calibration accuracy, reliability and repeatability backed by a 2-year warranty on all moisture meters. The Ligno-Scanner SDM pinless moisture meter has very unique features such as calibrations to measure the moisture in bamboo.

The Ligno-Scanner SDM clearly outperforms most pinless moisture meters on the market today. The meter has 2 independent sets of calibrations one for measuring 1/4″ deep and one for measuring 3/4″ deep. Dual-depth settings are available for different wood species, drywall, reference scales for concrete and other building materials. The bamboo calibration settings (flat and vertical grain and strand, carbonized) are for a measuring depth of 1/4″.

The moisture meter of choice for multi-material applications:
flooring, restoration, inspection and construction.

Dual-depth – a new approach to scanning – works well for:
– Different boards thicknesses, over 3/4″ and less than 3/4″ thick.
– Measuring layered engineered panels.
– Comparing surface / core moisture to see if boards are dried evenly.
– Floor testing at 1/4″ depth assures only the floor planks are
–  measured and not the concrete or subfloor underneath.
– Checking surface moisture after water damage or after applying
–  waterborne finishes.

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