Lagler Flip Edger

FLIP® means maximum efficiency for perfect, comfortable sanding of edges and corners without shoulders.The heart of the FLIP® is the powerful motor with its enormous suction power and corresponding reserves. The unexpectedly handy weight of the FLIP® is due to the abrasion-proof, glass-fibre reinforced plastic used in the motor casing, handle and attachment.
Like all LÄGLER® machines, the FLIP® has been designed down to the last detail with ergonomics, simple handling and maintenance in mind.The FLIP® has the "wood dust test" quality mark, making it the only edge and corner sanding machine in the world to work almost dust-free.There are 2 attachment lengths and 1 corner attachment available.

Ideal use:

Predestined for perfect and comfortable sanding - without shoulders - of difficult edge and corner areas.

Comes with:  Edger, standard attachent, corner attachment, tools, some abrasives.

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